Park Regulations
for the Grosssedlitz Baroque Garden

Dear Visitor,

The Grosssedlitz Baroque Gardenten is a monument of architectural and landscaping art. In order to preserve the estate also for future visitors, we would like you to note the following:

  • The park is open daily from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.
  • You will enter the estate at your own risk. Liability for damage is precluded to the legally admissible extent.
  • The public are not admitted to paths that have not been cleared from snow or gritted. Parents are held liable for their children.

Visitors are not permitted:

  • to leave the paths or step on the lawn.
  • to use vehicles other than baby buggies or wheelchairs.
  • to soil the grounds, buildings and other facilities, to damage them or remove any items.
  • to play ball games on the grounds, to ride animals, to catch fish, to sleigh or ski.
  • to let dogs go unleashed or on the long line.
  • to take a bath in the water basins or fountains or allow their animals to do so.
  • to play music or sound machines without the proprietor’s written consent.
  • to run commercial business, advertising or collections without the proprietor’s written consent.
  • to barbecue or to ignite fireworks without the proprietor’s written consent.
  • to camp or spend the night on the grounds.
  • to take photographs or shoot films for commercial purposes without the proprietor’s written consent.

Offenders of these rules can be expelled from the park or barred from ever re-entering it. Any misuse will be prosecuted. Any offenses will be reported to the police.

In the interest of all visitors, we would like to ask everyone to observe our staff’s instructions and wish you a pleasant stay.

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