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Weesenstein Castle is located to the southeast of Dresden and only about 20 km away from the Saxon-Czech border. Historical relationship with Bohemia suggests cross-border cooperation with the Děčín Castle. This does not serve joint projects only in the form of exhibitions, scientific conferences, publications, restoration, etc., but contributes substantially to maintaining the cultural heritage on both sides of the border. Thereby, it is also of concern to boost the touristic value of the regions and to promote an appreciative and friendly neighborhood between the people in Saxony and Bohemia.

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»Noble Treasures – The Pleasure of Collecting in Saxony and Bohemia (2016-2018)« «

It counts among the oldest passions of huzman beings and is part of the nobility’s self-understanding: collecting. Arms, antlers, coins, medals, books, paintings, porcelain, exotic plants – up to the present, the Dresden Art Collections have benefited from the passion of collecting of Augustus the Strong and his son. Following their example, also the lower gentry devoted themselves to that passion.

The castles of Weesenstein and Děčín were also inhabited by enthusiastic collectors, whose exhibits document the eventful history of the nobility in Germany and in the Czech Republic, mainly in the 20th century. Both houses present items from various collections in exclusive and special exhibitions. An extensive exhibition in 2018 – the anniversary of first mentioning the location of Weesenstein – completes the smaller presentations in previous years.

Jointly with our partner, Děčín Castle, we want to revive the cross-border pleasure of collecting by holding workshops, presentations and many other hands-on activities.

Project partner Děčín Castle

At Děčín Castle, as at Weesenstein Castle, too, there is proof of passionate collectors who shaped castle history. The collections in Děčín are especially connected with the history of the von Thun family. They used the castle more than 300 years ago as their main seat. After its use by the military for decades, the return to the former castle owners and their invaluable collections lends the castle new identity. For 2017, the castle operators plan to refurbish the dining hall, the presentation of the former coin collection and an exhibition about present-day collectors. The former equipment of the church and the reconstruction of the library will be at the focus in 2018.


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