An important part of Baroque gardens

Sculptures represented an indispensible part of Baroque garden architecture. Their positioning often followed a certain iconography. But not so at Grosssedlitz: The sculptures are arranged here in thematic groups. They decorate the Garden and upgrade important areas.

Extensive Restoration

The precious Baroque sculptures require permanent care, which had been neglected again and again over many decades. Extensive restoration works involving renowned Saxon sculptors have been undertaken since 1995 only. They cleaned, desalinated and solidified the sculptures and made gentle readjustments. The figures and vases are in an exquisite state of repair today.

The Sculptures at Grosssedlitz

More than 60 figures and vases, including 24 originals, lend the Baroque Garden special charm. Our knowledge about the creators of these pieces of art is rather incomplete. It is most likely that the sculptures »The Four Seasons«, »The Four Continents« and »The Four Elements« go back to Court Sculptor Johann Christian Kirchner, whereas the eight courting couples of mythology can be assigned to Johann Benjamin Thomaes. The sculptures that show admirable detail are impressive testimonies to the heyday of the Saxon art of sculpture in the Baroque.


Grosssedlitz Baroque Garden

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