The Grosssedlitz Baroque Garden - An unfinished symphony

The Grosssedlitz Baroque Garden is a grandiose work of landscape gardening from the late Baroque period. With over 400 potted plants, including 140 bitter orange trees which are displayed on the upper and lower terraces during the summer months, the wide steps, water fountains, wide views, closely-trimmed hedges and 64 sandstone sculptures as well as ornamental vases, visitors can experience festival rooms amongst greenery inviting them for enjoyment and celebration.

Symbol of the garden: The bitter orange trees

Bitter orange trees in the Grosssedlitz Baroque Gardenenlarge view

Orange trees were among the most important elements of the gardens in the 17th and 18th centuries. No Baroque garden is complete without these trees, which are usually imported from Italy.....

Opening Times and Admission

Entrance to the Baroque gardenenlarge view

You can visit the baroque garden throughout the year. It is especially a visit to the high season from April to October in value if you experience the baroque garden in its seasonal flowering.

While it is possible, the baroque garden in the high season from Mai 24 to 31 October will find throughout the year, there is an entrance fee. From November to March, the garden is closed.

Park entrance fees and opening times

Orange Trees for Dresden Zwinger

In the Year 1710 August the stong gave new Glory to the Dresden Zwinger.
Several hundred italian orange trees found their places in one of the most beautiful Orangery in Germany. To get nearer to the original intention the first 80 orange trees should find their way back into the Dresden Zwinger in 2017.

These orange trees were bought in Italy 2013 and transferred 2014 to the Grosssedlitz Baroque Garden. Here the valuable bitter orange trees are cultivated until their relocation in the Dresden Zwinger.

Please support this project and become a sponsor for an orange tree.

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