Grosssedlitz Baroque Garden

The Grosssedlitz Baroque Garden - An unfinished symphony

The Grosssedlitz Baroque Garden is a grandiose work of landscape gardening from the late Baroque period. With over 400 potted plants, including 140 bitter orange trees which are displayed on the upper and lower terraces during the summer months, the wide steps, water fountains, wide views, closely-trimmed hedges and 64 sandstone sculptures as well as ornamental vases, visitors can experience festival rooms amongst greenery inviting them for enjoyment and celebration.


Grosssedlitz Baroque Garden

Parkstraße 85 | 01809 Heidenau

+49 (0) 3529 5639-0

Opening hours

 April to October

  • daily: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

November to March

  • closed

Subject to modifications.